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Gallery of Contemporary Ceramic Art

Established 1978

With an emphasis on England, the gallery has presented ceramic vessels and sculptures by International artists for more than thirty years.

A permanent exhibition as well as presentations of individual artists and group shows mirror the various standards of individual achievement as well as the most recent trends and developments in ceramic art.

Situated in the centre of Heidelberg and right in the middle of Europe the gallery has become an international meeting place for artists, collectors and all those who take a lively interest in the arts.

Since 1998 the gallery is housed in light and spacious rooms with more than 180 square metres of exhibition space south of Bismarckplatz in the old park opposite the well known hotel Europäischer Hof.

Meanwhile the gallery has turned into a forum of ceramic art where you will not fail to meet the most prominent artists as well as museum people and collectors.










Marianne Heller is council member of the International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva.

Member of Galerienverband Rhein-Neckar                                               Member of KunstHeidelberg


Marianne Heller and visitors

Art Walk Heidelberg 2012



On occasion of his reading in Heidelberg
on Monday 17th October 2011
Marianne Heller Gallery held a reception for Edmund de Waal, gallery`s artist and big hitter with his book „The Hare With The Amber Eyes“.

Edmund de Waal installing his work „The World And The Other World“ (2011) at the gallery.




Anniversary article about the gallery

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Bavarian States Prize:
Sunday, March 16, 2014

The japanese artist Nakada Masaru, represented by the Galerie Marianne Heller, has been awarded the Bavarian States Prize on Sunday, March 16, 2014 in Munich.
His works was exhibited at the exhibition „ Modern Masters „ during the international Trade Fair in Munich.
The prize was handed over by the  Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Ms. Ilse Aigner to Marianne Heller, who was acting in place for Nakada Masaru.











Art Fair "Collect London, 2015"

Artist Imada Yoko Marianne Heller Wahei Aoyama, Director Yufuku Gallery, Tokio

Japanese Lacquerware: March 2016


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