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45 Years Galerie Marianne Heller


 Sandy Brown, England

16 July - 3 September 2023

Marianne Heller is celebrating the 45th
anniversary of her internationally
orientated ceramics gallery, which has
been based in Heidelberg since 1998,
with an exhibition on July 16, 2023. She
has invited Sandy Brown, an artist who
has accompanied Marianne Heller and
her gallery with her authentic work since
the 1980s. With her lively way of working
in ceramics, Sandy Brown has created
an unmistakable signature style. The
sculptural quality of her works, whether
thrown or handbuilt, in connection with
her typical dynamic and spontaneous
brushwork is immediate and full of
positive energy. Awards, exhibitions and
numerous teaching assignments worldwide testify to the international appreciation.
We are eagerly awaiting what Sandy Brown will be bringing to Heidelberg from UK this year.
An exhibition of works full of joy and optimism can be expected, a celebration of the senses,
as the title says.

Sandy Brown shows over 50 pieces. Pricelist available.


16th July - 3rd September 2023

opening hours:

Tue - Fr 11 am - 1 pm and 2:30 - 6 pm
Sat 11 am - 4 pm and by appointment


Sunday, 3rd September 2023
11 am - 6 pm


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