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From 21 March - 9 May 2021

Guido Sengle, Germany - Seiichiro Fujino, Japan


The delicate vessels of the ceramist Guido Sengle (born 1956)
They seem like the prototypes of studio ceramics, the so delicate and yet forceful vessels of Guido Sengle: precisely wheel thrown globular forms with strong profiles, variations of cylinders and ovoids, bowls open wide with short rims or high walls, mainly of porcelain, vessels dressed in monochrome matt or glossy glaze, often in pastel shades, marked all around by dark, deep craquel - silent beauty...

Statement of Seiichiro Fujino (born 1972)
I finish the surface of my work using a traditional Japanese lacquering technique called Urushi. Each layer of Urushi has a low opacifying strength. I started to pay attention to the transparent nature of Urushi when I saw a unique clarity emerge after a repeated coating process (which usually requires over 30 layers). In order to express this transparency in the best way possible, I experimented with the carving and finishing process in my own way. I turned my attention towards the contrasting textures between the wood base and the finish. The use of organic materials in this traditional method gives me a feeling of creating life. The texture of carved wood express conception, hinting at the inner core of an undecipherable object, closely amalgamates with the outer layer thoroughly covered in Urushi. I pursue the expression of form and texture, through wood carving and Japanese lacquer art, with the aim to represent the materials as they truly are.




Sunday, 21st March 2021
11:30 – 6 pm

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Sunday, 9th May 2021
11 am - 6 pm

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