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February, 20 to April, 3:

Far East meets West

Isezaki Jun, Japan (Bizen, Living National Treasure)
Jeff Shapiro, USA (New York)



1936 Born in Inbe, Bizen City, Okayama Pref. Japan
1959 Graduation of Art Department Okayama University
1961 Own pottery (Anagama) completed
2004 Designated as Living National Treasure of Japan

"While always keeping in mind the works of such incredible forefathers, I hope to create something new that is also representative of our day and age" (Isezaki Jun)

Examples, ISEZAKI JUN:


1949 Born in Bronx, New York
1973-80 Work Study in Japan
1981 built and set up kiln site with Anagama kiln, Accord, New York

"I am interested in taking the genre of wood firing as I have learned it in Japan, and pushing it in new directions; to be conscious of material and form as they relate to the effects of loading and firing" (Jeff Shapiro)



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